We are a strategic partner to leading exporters, delivering marketing innovation, competitiveness and flexibility


Core values


We bring innovation to modern businesses


Providing business connectivity solutions to help our customers quickly and effectively find and engage with their target customers.


Our solutions help our customers quickly gain a competitive advantage in the market.


We utilize technology to harness data for making quick and effective decisions.


We focus on innovation and experimentation to adapt to the environment, updating the latest technologies to meet customer needs.


Collaboratively breaking down silos within the organization to create a positive and motivating work environment for employees.

Products and Services

  1. Sald – Agile Marketing Platform (MA&SFA)
  2. ChatOps – Digital Workplace Platform
  3. Aicobot – Enterprise Digital Assistant
  4. Appflow – No-code Low-code Solution
  1. Agile Transformation Consulting
  2. Business Model Transformation Consulting
  3. Branding Positioning Consulting
  4. Digital Process Restructuring Consulting
  1. ActiveLabo Service
  2. DX Offshore Services (OSDC)
  3. Hunting Service
  4. Agency Trading

Strategic Approach

Focusing on transforming customer interactions into long-term partnerships, leveraging technology to build your customer data.

Emphasizing continuous learning to enhance capabilities, adapting to rapid changes in technology and the market.

Utilize your expertise in technology and digital marketing to develop flexible strategies based on data, ensuring businesses maintain competitiveness and respond quickly in an increasingly dynamic environment.


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Furrniture Wood Exporters​

IT Outsourcing


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